Here are answers to commonly asked questions:

 Q: Are rush services available?

A: Yes, we can do Same Day and Next Day rushes...please click this LINK to read more about rush services. If you have an emergency card order, please contact us by email to get exact time frames on rush orders>>> or text us at 850-386-8922. Please note that during times of maximum press capacity, we may not be able to do Same Day Rush Orders...we will do our very best though to meet your deadline.

 Q: How long does it take to receive a proof and is there an extra charge for proofs?

A: Usually you wil receive a proof within 48-72 hours...(excluding Sundays and major Catholic/Federal holidays).Our graphic artists work around the clock to get your custom proofs done quickly. Email proofs are FREE for orders placed on the website.

 Q: How long does it take to print the cards?

A: After proof approval the cards will usually print within 5-7 work days. Rush orders will be expedited to meet your time line.

 Q: How long does it take to receive the cards after they ship?

A: Usually you will receive them within 2-4 work days, often times sooner based on your Zip Code.

 Q: Do you have any hidden fees or expensive setup charges?

A: No, what you see is what you get. Lowest prices guaranteed, free setup, free proofs, $4.99 UPS s/h. You can view all of our change-order fees here.

 Q: Can I add a photograph on my cards, and if so how much extra does it cost?

A: Sure, we can add a photo for FREE...just email the picture to us after you place your order. If you want the photo printed in black & white there is no extra charge to add it. If you want it in color it is $15 extra. 

 Q: Are your cards the kind that come in sheets that are run through a copier and then separated by tearing apart the perforations?

ANO! Our cards are completely designed from scratch by professional graphic artists. We take the image that you select and the text that you want and custom design every order. Our cards are run on state of the art printing presses NOT on copiers...the quality of our cards is superb and there is no ugly perforations since ours are professionally printed and custom cut.

 Q: What is the difference between matte and glossy finish? Is one more expensive?

A: Matte has a light dull finish, and the glossy have shinier coating. Both are the same price. You can also choose a linen finish which is lighter in weight and has a textured is a little more expensive but gives a very elegant feel and looks great with antique images. Linen paper can not be run on rush orders though.

 Q: Why are your prices so much lower than everyone else's?

A: Printing is our specialty and this is our core business...we have incredible volume (averaging half a million cards a month) and pass the savings on to our clients. Custom Holy Cards are our passion and with over 33 years of printing experience we know how to maximize efficiencies through technology, automation and innovation.

 Q: How do you ship the cards?

A: UPS is our primary carrier for all custom orders. We normally ship UPS SurePost or Ground depending on your address, but we can also send your cards overnight if needed for a scheduled event.  

 Q: Are your cards thick and rigid, or thin and flimsy like some I have seen from other companies?

A: Ours are super thick...we run on 14/16pt stock which is the thickest and most rigid in the industry. They are very substantial and something you'll be proud of. Our linen cards are run on 100# cover stock which is very nice as well.

 Q: Are your cards run with toner like on a copier, or ink like on a printing press?

A: We use real ink on state of the art printing equipment to give you photo quality results.

 Q: Can you make a holy card with an image that I have, or do I have to pick one of your images?

A: Yes, we can use your image...You can even order cards with your own artwork on this website by clicking on the "Cards with your artwork" button which is the last category in the product menu to the left. You'll receive instructions on how to submit your artwork once your order is placed.

 Q: I only need a few cards, what is your minimum quantity?

A: We can print as few as 25 custom holy cards for you.

 Q: Are your cards laminated?

A: Our cards are printed on super thick 14/16pt card stock and come with a high gloss UV coating that acts as a synthetic laminate. They are very thick and rigid. Most people don't feel the need to laminate our cards in hard plastic. We currently do not offer hard plastic lamination, but if you need that done, usually any local quick printer can laminate them for you.

 Q: Can I get cards made in a size other than your two standard sizes?

A: We can definitely do custom sizes. Just click on this CUSTOM SIZES link and you can fill out a quick online form to get an estimate sent to you right away. Please note, due to production time scheduling, image layout/proportions and press run efficiency we may need to adjust the finished cut size of your cards by 1/4" maximum on either or both dimensions.

 Q: I'm looking for a hard to find Saint image, can you help me with this?

A: Absolutely, we have a huge library of Catholic art and probably have the image you are looking for.  Email us at and let us know what you are looking for.

 Q: Do you have bulk discounts available?

A: Yes we do. This site is set up to process orders between 25 cards - 10,000 cards, and the quantity break discounts are built into the online pricing calculator. The more cards you get, the lower the cost per card drops. If you need more than 10,000 cards, please contact us via email at : to get a bulk quantity estimate.

 Q: Do you print other things, like brochures, invitations, greeting cards, postcards, etc...?

A: Yes, we do. Please visit our commercial color printing site at : to get an instant printing estimate with our exclusive online print calculator.

 Q: Do you have other stocks available, like thinner weight paper or uncoated papers?

A: Yes, we do...Just click on this CUSTOM SIZES link and you can fill out a quick online form to get an estimate sent to you right away....mention the type of paper you are looking for in the special instructions section.

 Q: Can you print custom holy cards for overseas clients? Do you ship internationally? 

A: Yes, we ship to any destination in the world.


OR TEXT US AT 850-386-8922